woensdag 18 april 2012



22u - 24u


Ook dit jaar komt Groovz Galore de Gooikse jeugd warm maken, met zijn groovy beats en funky sound. De ideale voorbode voor het hardere werk later op de avond! Want Scouts Gooik nodigt dit jaar de piraten van het alombekende Feestgedruis uit. En dat die mannen het kot op stelten kunnen zetten, is een open deur intrappen! AAAAARGH!



00u - 02u


His passion for electronic music began seven years ago, when house guru Moodymann released his “Shades of Jae”. Overwhelmed by this piece of dance music Die Clique -aka Tom Delabie- bought his first records and he got himself positioned behind the turntables. First, as a house deejay, where he sharpened his mixing skills by playing at local parties organized by friends. But as the years passed by, he more by more got influenced by the enormous wave of tech house and minimal form Germany and the UK. Inspired by these new developments Die Clique gradually changed his style and chose for a more powerful sound.
The musical turn was undoubtedly successful. Meanwhile Die Clique got the opportunity to play at the biggest clubs (Café d’Anvers, La Rocca, Decadance) in Belgium, and this alongside the biggest names in the scene (Marcus Meinhardt, Robag Wruhme, Joris Voorn, Sascha Braemer). Furthermore, he got a residency at the infamous Feestgedruis gatherings and he began to host a new concept at Decadance, called “Youngsters”.

Nowadays it seems that this man and his bag of records are everywhere in Belgium. And there is a reason for that. It’s because Die Clique is armed with distinctive mixing skills, which he combines with a great musical insight and an unseen hunger to spread it throughout the Belgian underground scene.

With this enormous bag of experience and his staggering reputation Die Clique is able to serve you a vivid, diverse and breathtaking night. And as a fully-fledged member of Feestgedruis, he will even goes further. So watch out, because before you have noticed it, he already has turned the party into a dark and sweaty dancing riot.


02u - ...u


Amazed by a performance of cirque du soleil as child Ode always loved atmospheric events and shows!

His electronic story begins on the very young age of 15 when Ode finds his way to small vinyl shops and clubs and bought himself his first mixtable. After 2 years he was playing in clubs like Cherrymoon, Creamm, Kings club, Insane, Circo locco,.. He began gaining publicity in the belgium afterclub - en club scene.

Some years of exploring go by and he discoveres a much bigger scene then he could ever imagine by going abroad to Germany, Holland, Spain and so on. inspirational sounds everytime you hear them, isn't that what we are all searching for?

The next chapter begins when at the age of 18 Feestgedruis (Sweet-trade bookings) picked up this young driven artist who never let's go a good chance to play some of his music! Expanding his musical library and knowledge he started and finished the SAE electronic music production course.

heavy percussion bombs, earthquake basslines and energetic grooves are becomming his trademark and he'll never let go of that! music designed to move your body and let go of yourself!


 @ Edele Brabant

VVK: 4€/ADK: 5€

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--> Get your fat ass to this party y'all !
Peace, Love & Sandalen

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